What Others are Saying about Woodland Hills

“Woodland Hills is unique as a model of best practices in peer group treatment. Behavioral scientists have described the process by which anti-social youth train one another in delinquency. Woodland Hills turns this around by creating groups, which teach pro-social values of caring for one another. I know of no other program that has made more contributions to the treatment of troubled youth than Woodland Hills.”

Dr. Larry K. Brendtro, PhD

Director of Resilience Resources

“Woodland Hills is a nationally recognized program that offers outstanding prevention, intervention and rehabilitative services, providing at-risk youth with the tools and resources they need to grow into strong, productive citizens by motivating them to achieve, to excel in education and foster healthy lifestyles. As a former board member of this outstanding program, I am proud of the impact that this program has had on our youth and our communities. Without a doubt, this program has given thousands of youth a second chance at a productive, successful and healthy life.”

Yvonne Prettner Solon

Former Lt. Governor of Minnesota, Licensed Psychologist and former Woodland Hills Board Member

“I have worked with your staff in my capacity as a juvenile probation officer for nearly 10 years. I have also worked with the staff of many other facilities in Minnesota during that time. I have consistently been very satisfied with your staff and their work on behalf of my clients from intake through aftercare. Thanks to all of the Woodland Hills staff for being there for my kids.”

Bill Moe

Senior Corrections Officer, Winona County

“Woodland Hills is a nationally recognized program in youth treatment and development. Over the past decade, they have distinguished themselves in taking the most troubled kids and making a real difference in their lives. There are no throw-away children in our world and Woodland Hills uses the most sophisticated treatment methods to assure this does not happen. I am extremely proud of the work Woodland Hills has done in our community and as a national leader in youth treatment.”

Scott Lyons

Law Enforcement Program Coordinator, Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College, Former Duluth Police Chief and former Woodland Hills Board Member

“I grew up in the Hillside here in Duluth and was lucky to be involved in activities after school. My family couldn’t afford fancy camps or lessons, but the park was nearby and there were always quality programs taking place. Thanks to the Youth Program Committee of the Parks Commission and Neighborhood Youth Center Services for their work in making a difference in the lives of youth in our city every day. Not only does it keep our kids safe and give them an opportunity to participate in our community, it’s been proven that after school involvement is key in reducing juvenile crime.”

Don Ness

Former Mayor of the City of Duluth, MN