By Ami Rose, The Hills Youth and Family Services HR Specialist

Looking for work is well….work.

Whether you’re just looking for a change in jobs or in search of your first career, its work. So here’s a few tips in hopes that it makes the process a bit smoother for you.

It is extremely important in this era of technology domination that you take time to review the company website and the information posted on the position.

Your goal is to get your resume noticed. So make it easy on the employer to see why you would be a good fit. Include in your work history duties you’ve performed in previous and current positions that are relatable or transferable to the position you’re applying. Take the time to write a cover letter outlining why you are an excellent fit for the position and the company. These small details are what will set you apart from the hundreds of applications and resumes the employer receives each week.

Once you’ve submitted your application or resume, it’s okay to contact the employer to check on the status if you haven’t heard anything in a week or more. Take the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding the position that cannot be answered in the posting or on the company’s website. Make this a conversation worth having. Both your and the employer’s time is valuable, so treat it as such.

Once you’ve made the connection, the employer will be calling to set up an interview. Make sure your voicemail is set up. It would be a shame to miss a great opportunity because the employer was unable to reach you.

You’re in the final stretch! You’ve created a cover letter and resume that made you stand out from the crowd and have received the long awaited call for an interview. Today’s the big day! Take the time to put your best foot forward in appearance and conversation. This is the opportunity to sell yourself and learn more about the company and position. Ask questions! Seize the opportunity to learn more from those with the knowledge and experience!

And if you’ve decided to seize upon another opportunity in the meantime, good for you! Please have the courtesy to call and cancel your interview. It’s ok. We won’t hold it against you. In fact, it’ll be another gold star for you and better chances to reconsider you should things change in your future.