We are located in Duluth, Minnesota. Like most of Minnesota, the weather here is warm in the summer, cool in the fall and spring. And it gets cold in the winter. There are several buildings that make up Woodland Hills, so we call it a campus. There are lots of woods around us and the property is very beautiful.



You will be in a dorm setting, with roommates. There will be common areas for group sessions, studying and eating.


We know that every person has different needs and goals for their future. Once we’ve met you and talked with you about your individual concerns and challenges, we will develop a personalized plan for you to help you meet your goals.


There are expectations in our programs. There are certain times of the day that you will have to get up, take part in various group sessions and activities, eat and go to bed. Keep in mind that there are reasons for the structure here. If you aren’t sure about any of the things you are asked to do please ask.


We believe that we can all help each other through tough times. You will be working in small groups with other students, counselors and leaders to work on your goals.


If you are in our residential program, you will attend school off campus at Woodland Hills Academy. The classrooms are small and your coursework will be based on your individual needs.


The Barn and Gardens

One of the cool things about Woodland Hills is our barn and gardens. The animals on our campus will depend on you to help take care of them. You’ll also be able to learn how to grow some of the food you will be eating.


You can also participate in 4-H competition at the county and state fairs. Many of our students have competed at the state level in activities such as crafts and fine arts, food preparation, photography, leadership and pet education.


You will have the opportunity to be active, have fun, keep busy, try new activities, challenge yourself and develop new skills. You’ll have access to a gym, fitness center, outdoor fields and trails.