Did you miss Allison Carroll’s, The Hills Youth and Family Services Admissions Coordinator, presentation at the St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference?

Here are the top five takeaways:

  • The need for gender based services – teenage years are confusing, even more so for girls. They need a safe environment to help change risky behaviors through education and early intervention. All girls will benefit from primary prevention – we must invest in education of women!


  • Social Media – so many apps for us adults to understand that kids are using today. Snapchat and Instagram are two of the hot apps for youth to use. Forbes magazine (2018, March) found that 10% of girls were on social media for an hour a day and by age 15 it grew to 43%. Social media has increased competition among females to what could be considered an unhealthy level. If only they would come up with an app to work with teenage girls!


  • So what works with girls – taking the time to build relationships with them while creating appropriate boundaries. They need to have strong role models – both male and females. You need to be their advocate and remember to demonstrate empathy, not sympathy.


  • Take time to listen to them – and I mean REALLY listen! Sometimes, it’s in the chaos of a situation where she will share that “golden nugget” of what is really going on.


  • Let them know it is OK to speak up – we live in a society where we have been told time and time again to not say something, but it is so important that we teach our girls that they have a voice and that they should use it. It is not OK that we still live in a society that continues to stereotype the role of females.


Allison Carroll has been with The Hills for over 15 years and has spent her career working with girls in the juvenile justice programs. Her success with girls come from the time she invests in developing a relationship with them, setting clear boundaries, and using her sense of humor to get through the tough days.

Interested in having her come to speak to your team about effective strategies with working with girls? Contact her today!