Adapted from Healthy Place

There is no doubt that living with mental health illness is a daily stressor. Mental illness can affect someone’s whole being – their thoughts, their feelings, and their behaviors.

Thanks to Healthy Place for identifying eight things YOU can do daily to help the physical aspects of the brain and body as well as your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

1.    Take ten slow breaths. Repeat throughout the day





2.    Move your body. March or job in place. Do jumping jacks, or push-ups – just move to stimulate your body and brain.





3.    Create a daily goal, and list the little steps you need to take to accomplish it.





4.    Embark on a stroll, inside or outside, and intentionally notice positive things around you.




5.     Acknowledge that the awful things you are dealing with and take note of how you’re surviving. What can you do more of to keep getting through the tough stuff?




6.    Practice noticing your thoughts. Identify, challenge, and replace the unhealthy ones. Repeat, because doing this take practice.






7.    Color or draw – do something that’s creative.





8.    Do at least one thing you LOVE every day.




And don’t be afraid to ask for help! Cambia Hills offer mental health services for youth – contact us to learn more!