Our Juvenile Justice program serves both male and female adolescents, ages 12-18 as well as 19-20 year olds, if they qualify as EJJ (Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile), and includes:

  • Chisholm 30—For court- and social service-placed youth. This program teaches responsibility through its cognitive behavioral approach. We offer a 14–20, or 21–30 day program option.
  • 90/120—A short-term intervention is offered to youth for 90–120 days that focuses on behavior management, thinking errors, skill-building and, if needed, outpatient treatment for substance abuse/dependency.

REFERRALS can be made two ways:

  1. Contact our admissions team directly at 800.644.4557 extension 141 or 143 or email us here.
  1. Complete our online Juvenile Justice Referral Form.

Note: Please provide assessment reports, social history, disposition report and discharge reports from previous placements.

(Youth referred need to be peer-oriented, function above the 80 IQ range, be able to understand “cause and effect” relationships and be physically able to participate in work and recreational programming.)


We work with youth experiencing behaviors such as:

  • under achievement in school
  • truancy
  • fighting
  • verbal and physical aggression
  • self harm
  • not following rules
  • stealing
  • drug abuse
  • gang involvement
  • defying authority


Prior to placement, an admission/intake packet needs to be completed and signed and sent to our administration office. The packet contains program information and consent forms for the parent(s)/legal guardians and placing worker.


Openings in our programs change often. Current availability status can be found at juvenile justice/program openings.


Depending on the program, certain funding sources are available when placing youth at Woodland Hills.


Transportation assistance for youth upon admission and discharge is provided as needed. Depending on distance, we can meet referring workers halfway, or when feasible, transport to/from the home community. We share the responsibility for transports with the referring worker for court review hearings, home visits, appointments, etc. For more information, please contact our admissions office.

We look forward to working with you.




Cambia Hills of East Bethel opening March 2020

Cambia Hills is building a state-of-the-art Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility in the northern twin cities metro area. The facility, scheduled to open in March 2020, will serve children age 7-17 with complex mental health conditions. Medically managed care will be provided 24/7. Please visit https://cambiahills.org/ for additional information and donations.