Youth in our juvenile justice and day treatment programs participate in activities that allow them to:

  • Acquire a greater commitment to education and learning
  • Participate in cultural activities that enrich their social competencies
  • Take part in service-learning activities to appreciate their community
  • Experience programming that leads to healthier lifestyles

Husbandry Program

One of the unique components of our programming is the inclusion of the animal husbandry and gardening program where youth gain confidence, trust and the courage to go outside of their comfort zone.


Through the husbandry program, youth are encouraged to participate in 4-H competition at the county and state fairs. Youth develop courage to compete based on the skills they have learned through the program. We're proud of a long-standing tradition of students competing at the state level in activities such as crafts and fine arts, food preparation, photography, leadership and pet education.

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Three Irish Girls Photography


For at least an hour every day, youth are given opportunities to be active, try new activities, challenge themselves and develop new skills. In addition, our recreation manager spends time doing team-building and outdoor education with each group of young people.